Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nicholas Brendon, You So Crazy (Part 5).

Nicholas Brendon, our dear Xander Harris, has been arrested 5 times in a not very long period of time and we think he needs some help, love and support!

On Wednesday night, Police charged Nicky with third-degree robbery, a felony, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of obstruction of breathing in Wednesday's arrest in Saratoga Springs, NY. This is all after an apparent altercation with his girlfriend.

From AP:
The girlfriend told police officers who were called to a downtown hotel on Wednesday night that she had gone to return property to Brendon and told him she intended to leave, Jillson said. But Brendon objected, grabbed her car keys and then threw her cellphone into the street when she tried to call for help, a police report said. 

"It sounds like it went downhill from there," Jillson said. "He allegedly grabbed her by the throat and started choking her." Brendon, who has been arrested multiple times over the past year, was gone when officers arrived but was arrested a short while later a few blocks away. Jillson said alcohol was involved but he didn't know if Brendon was intoxicated. 

Brendon, who's from Sherman Oaks, California, was released from jail Thursday after posting a $20,000 bond. It was unclear if he had a lawyer who could comment for him, and no telephone number for his booking agent could be found. 

Brendon posted bail and is due back in court on Tuesday. Good luck, dude!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan Insta-crafting.

Smidge posted this Buffy/Willow pic on her Instagram and it's adorbs.

SMG writes:
So this girl (#AlysonHannigan) and her husband (#AlexisDenisof) know how to throw a party. I thought I was good with the crafts, till I went to this party #CraftMaster Thanks for having the #PrinzeFamily I've never seen a farm and pony rides in Santa Monica before #NowIveSeenItAll

Apparently they ran into each other at a Michael's store recently...which perhaps prompted this crafting play date? Who knows, but it seems they have buried any rumored hatchet that may or may not have existed from back in the day. They really look great and can very clearly play the late 20's/early 30's version of their characters! Who says they can't make a Buffy movie? Oh yeah, that's right…it was Smidge who said that. Damn :(

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar Raps as Cinderella? Stop What You're Doing Right Now and Watch!

Our SMG and Whitney Avalon recently faced off in a Princess Rap Battle on YouTube!! You decide who ran off with the crown (you know what we think)!

Cray Cray!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Issue 11, FOLKS!!! It's been almost a year since Buffy Season 10 started. How insane how fast times goes. I remember being a kid microwaving popcorn and 3minutes seemed eternal. 

Anyways ---- 

This issue has a guest artist by the name of Megan Levens. Her style is a bit looser than Rebekah Isaacs and perhaps a couple touches cartoonier. I thought of a couple other artists: Don Simpson and Hilary Barta, namely. Megan's touch on this issue gives a more happy go-lucky vibe. There's still an air of drama, but the thicker curvier lines lighten the drama.

Megan Levens - art extraordinaire
Don Simpson - example 
Hilary Barta - example

So let's get to the story. The issue kicks off with us visiting all the characters with a loved one. Buffy goes "speed-dating," which is so 00s. Xander and Dawn try to recreate what they once had. Willow is with Aluwyn (the snake mermaid witch). Spike is getting some female attention while on patrol with Officer Dowling. Giles is with an ex-girlfriend that cannot stomach the current form of Giles (read: Kid Giles). Anya revists Xander. Andrew goes to a party and finally embraces what we've all been saying FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually...He's a hero and he's into...
This particular episode ends with the Ross and Rachel (uhhh.....) struggle we've been struggling with FOR YEARS!!! WILL THEY / WON'T THEY???? Truths are spoken.

There is something relevant about this particular issue ....episode....whatever you call it....whatever works for you. It's about relationships. What stops them. What keeps them going. What makes it hard to go back. Why should you go back. Do you even want to go back?

So how's your relationship going with the Buffyverse???

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So do you guys hate me??? I am a month late on this review. The Holiday Season was uber busy and I just could not focus my shit to write a review. But I'm back!!! Also --- Happy New Year!!

Ok onto the review --- Issue 10 features the return of a (maybe) beloved character --- Harmony. Harmony was played by the child actress Mercedes McNab featured in The Addams Family movies. In Addams Family 1, she played the unnamed girl scout. In Addams Family Values (part 2, really) she played the same role, which is the object of Wednesday Addams' hatred --- Amanda Buckman. Do you remember Wednesday and Pugsley hijacking their camp's production of the First Thanksgiving? Mercedes McNab gets burned at the stake. Mercedes was really memorable playing a ditzy, oblivious, yet very fortunate waspy white girl. She was the girl you had fun hating. I was really happy to see her have a role on Buffy and I was glad the character was not far off.

In this issue, Buffy, Willow, and Dawn take a spa day. The girls leave the Book of Vampyr in the hands of Joey and Chandler....errrr...Spike and Xander. While Spike and Xander are babysitting said Book, Harmony comes over for a visit. Really, Harmony wants to rewrite the Book of Vampyr HER WAY.

Uhhh ...great!
The jokes are funny. The art is really wonderful. I feel that Rebekah Isaacs' art is in great form. Her drawings have a suave fluidity to them. I felt that she has really grown in her role as the artist for this book. In some ways, I feel that the artist of this or any book always plays the director of the story. She has a great sense of the look and vibe.

The story is fun. It's a good issue to have right around the Holidays. (I know this be so late). This issue kind of reminded me of that classic Alan Moore penned story for Superman --- "For The Man Who Has Everything." In that story, Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman go over to Superman's Fortress of Solitude - to find Superman in (as the wiki puts it) a vegetative state. Superman has a plant on him that keeps him in a dream state. In the dream, Superman envisions life had he not ever left Krypton and how life might've been different.

This story is not as heavy-handed, but we do get to see the inner life of someone like Harmony and a bit of Spike's at the end too. It's fun and sweet. Not the greatest most profound Buffy tale ever told, but enjoyable nonetheless. Those moments are just as important too.

See you soon for Issue 11!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014


 Before Robia LaMorte was Jenny Calendar (computer teacher, Giles' S.O., gypsy descendant, and murdered by Angel) - she was a PRINCE Protege. Robia LaMorte was known as PEARL to me. I was a big fan of Prince & The New Power Generation's album, "Diamonds & Pearls" back then. Remember all the sex noises to the intro of "Cream" (get on top, cream shaboogie bop).......



Her? On the left? Why that's no other than ROBIA LAMORTE!!!!!




Nowadays according to Robia LaMorte's wiki:
Since her role ended on Buffy, LaMorte has periodically accepted guest starring roles on various television shows. More recently she has retired from acting, focusing her efforts on other priorities such as Christian counseling, although she occasionally can be seen in commercials and smaller roles. She also spends some of her time preaching Christianity and selling audio CDs on her website that give accounts of her religious conversion and beliefs. In an FAQ on that site, LaMorte writes that while she was once a proponent of New Age beliefs, she rejected them after her conversion to Christianity. She criticizes these beliefs as a form of "earth worship" and characterizes the practice of witchcraft a dangerous opening for demonic influence.


 Editors Note: I actually wanted to embed some of her funnier commercials but ended up finding this:


 You're welcome. - Tara

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Hey Buffheads!!! ISSUE 9!!! SPOILERS AHEAD, MATEY!!!!

Last month's issue ended on something that I couldn't and didn't want to talk about. Other places such as (news-breaking) Bleeding Cool leaked it the day of. I will say it now: TARA's tombstone made an appearance at the end of the last issue. Also at the end of the issue, Andrew casting a resurrection spell. So if you see a tombstone in a comic, obviously There is a COMEBACK scheduled!!! Also no one can stay dead in comics. Let's just say I got super-psyched. SUPER PUH-SYCHED.

I really enjoyed Tara and Willow's relationship. Tara always keeping Willow's "magic problems" in check was very "When A Man Loves a Woman." Charming. While watching the show unfold season to season, I felt like I had seen the birth and death of Tara and Willow's relationship.  I was there from when they were curious college girls. I was there to see Tara & the Scoobies face her bigot family with Amy Adams. I was there to see Tara and Willow have their personal conflicts. Finally, I was there to see Tara's demise. She meant a lot to Willow and by watching all this - Tara meant a lot to ME!!

We lived through Kennedy. I personally found her to be abrasive. They didn't last. But Kennedy still exists out there in the Buffyverse. I will say that it doesn't feel as important to have Kennedy make a comeback. Tara has been gone for so long - it only elevates her importance.

As for this issue, the Buffy / Spike storyline is rather simple. Dealing with killing the Soul-Eater Monster from the previous issue. However, the monster is not really important to what is really going on. The storyline is about Buffy and Spike's "will they / won't they?" Are they going to fall back in love? Where are they at? I'm not exactly sure myself. Are they going to kill that monster they're fighting?  I mean of course. Wait - how did they wrap up Dowling?

What I want to see is Tara's "Will she / Won't she come back / And How Will This Go?" Willow comes just in the nick of time. A fight ensues. There is a struggle. Willow feels several different emotions. Andrew's reason for wanting to bring back Tara is heartbreaking. Willow's reaction is doubly heartbreaking. I sat there with some puffy fuckin' eyes.

This is where the tearjerk factor comes in.

I think what's so great about this issue is not so much about what it says out loud. It's great in what it doesn't say. There's a strength in the characters and their relationships that we can fill in the blanks.

The issue ends with some redemption and some resurrection. It was great. I really want to see where this all goes.

At this point, I feel like I would like to see some more Buffy-centered storylines. I would like to see where are they going with Spike and Buffy more. What is up with Xander? What's up with Dawn? How do we feel about Kid Giles? So many questions.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

EXCLUSIVE IMAGES: 'Buffy' and 'Angel & Faith' Covers

Straight from the Dark's Horses mouth....How about some exclusive covers for the verse? Click to enlarge this fabulous artwork from upcoming trades and such.

Buffy Season 9 Library Edition (Hard Covers 1, 2 & 3):

Buffy: Season Nine - Library Edition vol. 3 Hard Cover
On sale November 11th 2015 (exclusive cover image)

Buffy Season 10 Trade Paperbacks 1, 2 & 3:

Buffy: Season Ten Vol. 3 - Love Dares You TPB
On sale September 9th 2015 (exclusive cover image)

Angel & Faith Season 10 Trade Paperbacks 1, 2 & 3:

Angel and Faith: Season Ten vol. 3 - United TPB
On sale October 14th 2015 (exclusive cover image) 
And there you have it! Beautiful aren't they? Which are your favorites?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Reminder: Whedonverse Ornament Swap Deadline Today!

Last day to join the crafty Holiday fun! If you'd like to sign up for one of our favorite traditions - our beloved Whedonverse themed ornament swap - follow the instructions below before midnight tonight! We'll be sorting the groups immediately and you'll receive your list of recipients over the weekend.

Please make sure to read full details here and if you're down, send an email with the subject "MERRY WHEDON" with the following information to

- name
- mailing address
- whether your are willing to ship internationally (note: All of North America will be combined this year).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

'Dr. Horrible' Artist Joëlle Jones Writes 'Lady Killer' Series

Wanted to shine a spotlight on a cool & intriguing read called Lady Killer - written and drawn by Eisner-nominated comic artist Joëlle Jones, with cwriterJamie S. Rich.  It's Jones' first time writing after drawing for so many beloved comic titles on every publisher there is such as: Adventures of Superman, Ultimate Spiderman, Fables, Madame Xanadu and of course the awesome, Zack Whedon penned Dr Horrible one-shot. Jones has a bunch of fans here at fact, Dan had her chosen as a favorite dream-artist for our Season 9 Draft Picks a few years back.

Described as "Betty Draper meets Hannibal," The main character of Lady Killer Josie Schuller is a picture-perfect homemaker, wife, and mother—but she’s also a ruthless, efficient killer for hire!" Buffyfest's Kevin has reviewed the first issue, check it out below for all the spoiler-free deets:

It is quite an honor to review something outside of the Buffyverse!! It's nice to let the world know that I am more than some guy who just knows Buffy.

So Let's Talk LADY KILLER!!!

Lady Killer by Joelle Jones is the comic equivalent of Kill Bill meets Mad Men. I guess I should mention Hannibal - but I haven't watched that show yet and I don't feel comfortable saying that. Joelle Jones has a style that reminds me of Bart Sears... Are you aware of who Bart Sears is? Anyone read Wizard Magazine in the 90s?? He has a style that is quite fluid, muscular, and action packed.

I didn't really know what to expect of the comic. Is this based on the late 80s made for tv movie called Ladykillers, which was a murder mystery surrounding the killing of male strippers??? Quite the opposite.

The comic opens like Kill Bill vol. 1. Animated expressions. Camera angles that give you a fast paced fuck-you-up action movie feel but no violent imagery (yet). However, it is hand delivered with images of women wearing outfits tailored from the 50s/60s. There is a lot of reverence given to that old-style fashion in this comic. It should appeal to anyone that has a flair for retro styling. 

May I add that the coloring on the comic is by Laura Allred? She is famous for coloring all of Mike Allred's work. This is perhaps the first time I've seen her not color for her husband. Laura has a great eye for pastel shades that make something really pop! 

The story is fast paced, which unfolds a lot in just the lyricism of the artwork. But there are words and there are other characters AND dialogue. I just wanted to say that in case you thought this was all about facades. In fact, that is one of the themes running through the couple issues I read of Lady Killer. The comic seems to brutally display the ignorant bliss of the 60s, the kind that you see in Mad Men. The anti-feminism. The anti-health. The anti-forward thinking. Back in the 60s, when people were just a bunch of dumb cavemen. 

I should mention that this comic is fun! There are some sexy times. There is a lot of blood and violence. LADY KILLER IS THE TITLE, MIND YOU. It's also very charming and adorable. The two issues that I've read have laid down some ground work for the series to grow. 

Please do yourself a favor and meet Josie Schuller...of LADY KILLER. Coming in January 2015 and currently available for pre-order. 

The first issue is currently orderable through comics shops.

On sale January 7
32 pages, $3.50 Miniseries

You can follow Joelle on Twitter: @Joelle_Jones